[UPDATE June 2022]  The Ribbon Workbench has reached its 10th anniversary and so it is poignant that a 1st party modern command designer is now available from Microsoft.
Thank you to all of the users of the Ribbon Workbench over the years that have supported me and helped shape the platform we know today. Buttons created using the Ribbon Workbench will be referred to as 'classic' commands from now on - and whilst support will not be removed any time soon, it's time to start looking at moving to the 'modern' buttons inside the new designer.

♥ A huge thank you to the sponsors of the Ribbon Workbench ♥

The following people have donated, which is both generous and has encouraged me to continue the development of the Ribbon Workbench and other community projects:

  • Aiden Kaskela
  • Andrew Butenko
  • Bruce Sithole
  • Carina Claesson 
  • Jamie Barker
  • Megan Walker
  • Michael Ochs
  • Nick Doelman
  • Sarah Jelinek
  • Scott Sewell
  • Steve Jarrell
  • Tanguy Touzard
  • Todd Mercer

If you would prefer not to appear on this list, or if the details are incorrect please contact me.

I would also like to thank those at Microsoft who have supported me by answering questions and helping to resolve issues.