Are you coming to the D365 UG European Summit?

This year I'm presenting on two topics at the D365 UG European Summit. It's going to be a busy couple of weeks! Next week I'll be hanging out with my MVP friends in Seattle whilst learning about the future of the PowerPlatform and Dynamics 365 from the product team. The following week (27-29 March 2019) I'll be in Amsterdam for the summit. Here are the details of my sessions:

Learn to Convert Your Model Driven App Customisations from JavaScript into TypeScript and Decrease the Total Cost of Ownership

We are in the age of low-code-no-code – so where does JavaScript fit into this brave new world? Maybe you suffer from complex JavaScript that is too fragile to refactor, or maybe you have so much JavaScript you are not sure what is being used and what isn’t. Join Scott to learn how to tame your JavaScript customisations by converting them in to TypeScript. You’ll see how it’s less effort than you thought and how you can unlock the befits of Unit Test and Refactorability.

I'm really excited about this session. I'll be putting on my full geek to show you lots of sample code and where to find more.

Power Platform Demystified (revisited)

You’ve heard about Canvas Apps, Model Driven Apps, CDS for Apps, Power BI and Flow You’re perhaps already using them – but how do they all fit together to form the Power Platform. Join Scott to learn about the amazing journey of how we got from a product called Microsoft CRM to the unique platform that underpins Dynamics 365. You’ll learn about how each part works together so that you can make the right decision when choosing between them as well as they key licensing implications

If you are a member of the D365 UG UK you might have seen me do a similar session - but this time I'll be talking about the latest features that is fast making the PowerPlatform something very, very special indeed...

What is the D365 UG European Summit?

If you've not been to summit before, it has the same vibe as a local chapter meeting by amped x1000! There is high quality content from experts and end-users as well as the chance to network, learn and collaborate with other like minded people!

You can register using one of the following links:

If you are going to be there - I'll be on the medics desk (most likely wearing a white coat) at regular points throughout the 3 days if you'd like to come and chat!

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  • Hi Scott,
    I‘m looking forward to your sessions at D365 UG Summit especially the PowerApps one. I already use canvas apps and flows in addition to modeldriven PowerApps but I‘m sure there is always something I do not know yet. It‘s hard to keep speed with Microsoft.

    See you there
    Best regards
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