Update Rollup 4 Released!

Here it is!


The release schedule for the next two are:

  • Update Rollup 5 will be delivered earlier than the 8-week cycle and is scheduled to release at the end of October 2011.
  • Update Rollup 6 will be delivered on its predefined schedule, 16 weeks after Update Rollup 4, which puts the delivery in January 2012.

Some great fixes in UR4 though. I'm particularly pleased about:

  • If you register a plug-in assembly against an incident entity in the post-operation stage, the plug-in assembly is unexpectedly executed outside the transaction. 
  • Assume that you create a task in Outlook and track the task in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011. When you synchronize the task with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the due date for the task is changed incorrectly to a previous due date. 
  • When you add the Actual End field to an email message form and then set the format to Date and Time, the time value is displayed in UTC format instead of your local time zone. 
  • When you click Audit History in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Web client, you receive the following error message: An unexpected error occurred.

The incident transaction issue was causing serious problems for customers with Plugins that needed to rollback the 'create' transaction. What happened prior to UR4 is that the transaction didn't rollback if your plugin threw an exception, even though the form thought that the record hadn't be saved. When you then tried to save again, a 'duplicate record' exception was thrown.



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