Install Project Service Automation (PSA) – Where’s it gone?

If you have tried to install Project Service recently you might have found that it's disappeared from the 'preferred solution' list in the Office 365 admin portal. So where has it gone?!

Although the CRM Online Help hasn't yet been updated to reflect the fact, it has now moved to the recently release and very exciting AppSource!

On the 11th of July Michael Kushinsky of Microsoft helpfully posted in the dynamics community the new instructions on how to install and upgrade from a trial installation – and there will be an official blog post about it soon.

I thought I would quickly show you how easy it is to use App Source to install PSA:

1. Select Settings -> Dynamics Marketplace

2. Search for 'Project Service' and click 'Try'

3. Accept the T&Cs (you always read them in full right!)

4. Wait for the solution to install and you're off!

I can't wait to see AppSource grow and mature!

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