NetworkView re-written using TypeScript and PCF

Back at the end of 2015, Power Apps wasn’t even a thing. My world revolved around Dynamics 365 and the release cadence that was bringing us updates to the platform that were either keeping up with SalesForce or providing greater customizability. Much has changed since then, not least the way that we write rich UI extensions. With this in mind, I have completely re-written my Network View solution to use TypeScript and the Power Apps Component Framework.

Mobile App Demo

This version has some notable improvements on the old version:

  • βœ… Shows details of links
  • βœ… Allows including inside the actual form (thanks to PCF)

There are a few more items TODO to bring parity with the old version:

  • πŸ”³ Loading Activities
  • πŸ”³ Showing the users/connection roles for the network
  • πŸ”³ Support for configurable information cards

The source can be found at 

I've not released a pre-compiled solution (yet) - if you would like to test it out, please get in touch!



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