Generate Early Bound OptionSet enums

The latest release of the CRM 2011 SDK includes an extension to the CrmSvcUtil to generate OptionSet enumerations. Previously, the tool only generated enums for the StateCode attributes, leaving it as a manual task to create your own enums for any OptionSet values you needed. Using the extension ha... [More]

Update Rollup 4 Released!

Here it is! The release schedule for the next two are:

Update Rollup 5 will be delivered earlier than the 8-week cycle and is scheduled to release at the end of October 2011. Update Rollup 6 wil... [More]

AddItem & RemoveItem Plugin Message‘gotchas’

When registering a Plug-In Step on the 'AddItem' and 'RemoveItem' messages I've found a couple of things to watch out for. 1. Missing InputParameters When registering on Campaign Activity in response to adding a Marketing List, the InputParameters collection on the 'AddItem' step should contain th... [More]

Easier User Guides

If you've ever written user guides for a Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 custom solution, you'll know writers block all too well; staring at a blank Word Document waiting for inspiration on where to start. The Dynamics CRM 2011 User Guide in Microsoft Word Format is just that place – with a struct... [More]